Welcome to a hidden flying world within ours!

Fourteen years of moving from reservation to reservation drove Austin Robert’s family to disaster. His parents tried the best they could to hide him from the Tech Magnates after he was born, but there isn’t a book on how to keep a growing kid with wings a secret. All the Tribes knew something about those wings though and shuffled them across the country to hide, waiting for something big to happen. A whisper floated around him about the return of magic.


Austin had bigger problems, like trying to find a shower big enough to keep his wingpits from smelling like his armpits. His childhood friend Piper wrinkled her nose at him all the time, reminding him of that growing problem. It was bad enough that she was already two inches taller than him.


Oh, she has wings too, and smells better. And is getting her magic first. Not fair.


When the wing hunter surprised everyone and cornered Austin and Piper on a remote Montana reservation, they ran away from their wingless families to protect them and flew toward the last safe place they knew, Monument Valley, seven hundred miles away. Getting there seemed like the hard part, but when the Valley fell to the hunter the real struggle began to evade capture and find the fiery magic hidden within them. If Austin can control the magical outbursts his budding feelings for Piper trigger, he can save their lives from the hunter and the deadly magic inside.


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Twist your tail feathers as you dive into this story that shows you what it’s like to really fly.

Flash Fiction

Short stories not in the novel that expand their world.

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