Meet The Characters


Fed up with hiding in Montana to keep his wings secret and protect his family from the Wing Hunter, he makes a rash decision to leave them and try to outrun the Hunter to a safe area in Monument Valley.  At fourteen years old, his blue and white wings are finally big enough to make the flight he’s always dreamed of.




Totally bored with life in hiding on reservations and not wanting Austin to leave her behind, she takes flight with him and adds travel prowess to the pair on their race to escape capture.  Her green wings are slightly larger than his (a fact she often reminds him of) even through they’re the same age.




Laid back trying to be cool, but he’s a little too laid back which is keeping him from advancing in his schooling.  He hasn’t found the drive to progress, or maybe it’s not wanting to leave Amelia behind, to go to the next school.  It’s hard to tell.  He’s nineteen and has fully grown dark silver wings.





Her tail feathers curl around the sides of her athletic legs cutely and she likes to dress pretty.  The suppressed crush she has on Rob seems to go unnoticed, but someday she’s sure he’ll see it.  She’s seventeen and has light magenta wings.



Vain at only eleven years old, his blond hair and light yellow feathers are always straight and clean.  Behind closed doors when no one can see, he’s not so neat but that’s a secret he keeps from the girls.  The older girls are like sisters, they taught him how to keep his feathers neat and took care of him since before he could fly.


Short brown hair spikes up around goggles strapped to her forehead while she’s on the ground, but in the air the goggles are down over her eyes to keep out the red rock dust as she blasts through the natural red rock arches around the Valley.  At fourteen, her wings are white with black tips on the feathers and tuned for aerobatics.


Sneaky and addicted to the internet (when she can get it in the middle of nowhere), her choices lead her to serious consequences.  Sixteen is a tough age for her to lose control of her brown and tan specked wings, which fuels a jealous streak.



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